Audio Transcription

Audio Transcription

Among the highest precision rates in the industry, our Audio Transcriptions are 99% accurate or better.

We follow a unique three-step transcription process to ensure our customers receive a superior quality Audio transcript service.

The First step is conversion, our experienced translators listen to the audio and then convert them into text. Second step, the transcripts are proofread by certified professionals and third step, final transcript are again proofread by the quality supervisor and then it is sent to you in the desired format.

Our company offers a wide range of Audio Transcription Services in City, having exceptional Quality.

Our linguists, have both competence and ability to transcribe any language for varied sector, be it Health, be it Tourism or Finance or Business. We have earned good reputation in offering best Audio Transcription Services in and outside UK for police interview, court tapes, client/solicitor meetings.