Face to Face Interpreting

Face to Face Interpreting

Our wide range of Interpreting Services covers popular face to Face interpreting services for your language requirements. We cover more than 300 languages including world rare languages and dialects with strong linguistic network across the USA and overseas.

We provide industry qualified, ATA and DPSI registered interpreters to deliver error free and fast service for your language needs. Our strong linguistic network will help us to provide you interpreters on last minute requests and urgent requirements.

All face to Face interpreters are vigorous trained and quality approved before adding them to our interpreter’s database. Having signed important privacy and corporate non-disclosure agreements means your full confidentiality is always maintained throughout every meeting or appointment.

Our most popular industries that we specialize in providing face to Face Interpreting services are

Public Sector – Police, Courts, Immigration, Health Care, Housing, Councils, Public Services and Social Services

Business – Presentations, face to Faces, Welcoming, Video Conferring, Press meeting and face to Face services.

Media and Entertainment – Subtitling, Voice over, Press Meetings, Interviews, Localization, TV Shows, Film functions and meetings.

Life Sciences – Pharmaceuticals, Biotechnology, Medical Devices, Drug Approval/Manufacturing, Contract Research and Healthcare

Technical - Oil and Gas, Defence, Engineering, Manufacturing, Automotive and Aviation

Why Choose US?

Some of the proven characteristics that made us best Translation company in USA are

  • Maintaining top level security and confidently throughout the assignment.
  • Dedicated Project Management System to keep track of all our assignments.
  • Well trained and dedicated team members to provide language consulting.
  • Minimizing interpreting expenses with local, qualified and experienced interpreters.
  • Easy access to database of interpreters at any time.

Our Project managers are experienced of dealing with hundreds of face to Face Interpreting projects each month and are well trained to ensure that we are providing best customer service and professional face to Face interpreting services.