Police Sector

Police Sector

We are aware of the sensitivity of the subject that police deals in. Our linguists analyze each document with precision and care to ensure accuracy to the source.

Our company aim is to provide you with highly qualified interpreters and translators who specialize in working with Police Forces and Investigation Team.

Our interpreters and translators are trained and tested to specifically cope with Police Investigation practices and Procedures such as detention, arrest and statement taking. They are also well versed in delivering high quality service at prisons and in interrogation rooms.

Our translators and interpreters are qualified and are experienced. Almost all our interpreters are court qualified and CRB checked, they are also NRPSI and DPSI professionals.

Most of our interpreters are native speakers and they have excellent command over various languages and they can effortlessly switch between varied languages spoken by them. They are well aware of varied Police terminologies and they help police officer communicate with victims and witnesses.